WT-Tank Story EP01 - Marder III - Tunisia
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Marder III was a Tank Destroyer. with 76.2mm gun. good firepower. but thin armor.

Speed is ok. but climbing and Move backward is very slow. Especially move backward. that make me get killed many times. Thin armor also a problem. airstrike will easy killed your crew.

So the best way is ambush. hiding behind the building or rocks. 76.2mm gun can let you destroy many tanks except heavy Tank. also don't have many ammunition. only 30 rounds. but don't worry. I never use them all, before Marder III get destroyed.

This battle film is not just a gameplay or walkthrough. I spent a lot of time to edit the film. Including our tanks attack enemy tanks.

and enemy's tank fightback. with different angles of the battle clip. That can more clear to see the battle. I will continue to make more films.

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