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MicroMines is a simple game. This site with no Introduction and FAQ. Begin seems you have to claim the Abandoned Mine every 1 hr. to get 200 Satoshi into the upgrade Balance.

use upgrade Balance to upgrade Satoshi Mine or upgrade Abandoned Mine. 1 power of Satoshi Mine need 7,500 Satoshi, and upgrade Abandoned Mine need 225,000 Satoshi. That's mean you need take 1,125 hr. to do this.

Meanwhile your Satoshi Mine will mining 100 Satoshi / day. that you can withdraw or . the minimum withdrawal is 1000 Satoshi. that's mean you can withdrawal after 10 days. I guess.

Easy and Free , They will give you free 300 satoshi, to begin the game. So you don't need spend any money.

if you lose all the 300 satoshi, they will give you another 300 satoshi,

So! don't worry about lose. just have fun! but if you really lucky to win until 11,000 satoshi, that times, you can withdraw the real BTC.

They almost put everything together. Faucet, Game, Surf Ads, Miner etc..

Remember to dig the gold, your have two choose, one is dig every hour. get 500 - 5000 satoshi /hour, another one is dig every 10 mins, get 600 - 6000 satoshi/hour.

So! you can start right away. don't need spend money. but you can't withdraw these Satoshi that given by this site. you have to play some game to win the coin. Minimax withdraw limit is 100,000 coin. or direct to bitcoin wallet minimax limit is 100,000 Satoshi. Warning XAPO wallet will not work.
BitGamesCow Keeper Coin

You can Play free. but it will be slow. need watch food & water for the cow.

First you have to get the daily bonus. then go to buy a Cow. and then goto food storage, buy food. at begin can only buy 1 hours food. same as at water tank, buy an hours water. the keep back before 1 hours limit. otherwise your cow will be dead. same as mine.

If you came back just ontime. then goto warehouse sell meat and milk. i don't get why you can sell the meat? don't ask. then try to loop again. keep eye on the food and water.
BitGamesGolden Tea

Planting tea bushes, ,collecting and sell the leafs became half Coins and half golds. Exchange your gold became coin. use coin buy new tea bushes. You can withdraw gold only!

Since you only have one tea bushes that they give you. So you have to collect, well i don't know how many days? to buy the second one tea bushes. I guess it will taking a long times.

OK! they will encourage you daily bonus. make you a little more quick to reach the goal. All right! i still waiting my second tea bushes.

You will start with a Pika. You have ask Pika to work every 20 mins. when Pika is working. will generate few Satoshi. you can collect them. Pika will generate +2 Satoshi /minute.

Withdraw to FaucetBox the minimum : 2,000 Satoshi and need (2%) fee : 2,000 will be 40 Satoshi. Withdraw direct to wallet the minimun : 25,000 Satoshi and fee is fixed will be 10,000 Satoshi.

and don't forget the daily Gift . you need collect 5,000 Satoshi to unlock the other explore area. such as Attack, like etc..