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Was bitcoin a Digital Neverland or a Pool of sharks?

2017/12/07 Bitcoin - HYIP Watch list

I don't blame them put many ad banner on the site or pop many ad windows. but i hate them won't Payout.

I will keep eye on them.

Green site mean i success withdraw and received payout.
Yellow site mean i registed and havn't get payout or still waitting.
Red site mean this was Scam or dead!
Someone say how do you know the site was a Scam ! Easy if i can't withdraw from it. they are Scam !

One thing should be notice that i received many times doesn't mean they will pay next time. had better notice the received date.

HYIP Site Watchlist
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Warning : HYIP is High Yield Investment Program which was very High Risk. Need very carefully and don't spend too much on it.
Every coin i use here is come from sites on this List.
CoinIsland Scam Site
0.6% Up To Hourly
Min - 0.01 BTC
Deposit 0.01 BTC
Received: 5 time
Last : 2016/12/10

Total: 0.00202 BTC

* 8%-18% daily
for 15 calendar days
Min - $10 USD
Deposit 0.013 BTC
Received: 1 time
Last : 2016/12/30

Total: 0.0123 BTC

Crypto-City Scam Site
Stop free building
buy house to earn
Min Withdraw :
25,000 Satoshi
Received: 18 time
Last : 2016/11/11

Total: 380,000 satoshi
CryptoShare Scam Site
.10% Daily Forever
.12% Daily Forever
.15% Daily Forever
Keep Runnung Plan
Deposit 0.002 BTC
Received: 10 time
Last : 2016/11/29
76,000 satoshi
CreatingProfit Scam Site
Link to Report
Update : 2016/11/13

15% Hourly.
stop Runnung Plan
Deposit 0 BTC
Received: 1 time
Last : 2016/11/12

SCAM Scam Site
Link to Report
Update : 2016/11/12

0.06% Hourly Forever
Pending Now!
Deposit 0.001 BTC
Received: 3 time
Last : 2016/11/02

SCAM Scam Site
Link to Report
Update : 2016/11/11

10% Hr ~ 60% 5Day
Keep Runnung Plan
Deposit 0.0001 BTC
Received: 0 time
Last : Not Yet

BitCoin King
SCAM FaucetCows Games
Link to Report
Update : ----/--/--

200% monthly.
Keep Runnung Plan
Deposit 0.0007 BTC
Last : Not Yet

SCAM Scam Site
Link to Report
Update : 2016/11/01

3% Daily.
Keep Runnung Plan
Deposit 0.01 BTC
Last : Not Yet


Looking for the target of HYIP site. always remember a word [ It's too good to be true ]. And you will never know what will happen. The fantasize target very easy become nightmare. As i say, in this place shark look like a cake. so you have beware youself.

May be You have interest to read my story Adventure to the hyip island. To knowing what happened in my hyip journey.

Just 1 day. they took away 1,000,000 satoshiro from me. Have you any idea how much was 1,000,000 satoshi? God, It's totally 1,000,000 satoshi, you know. 1,000,000 satoshi.

Well! Okay, it only about $6. Now you can see they are pirate. they take every thing they can. even that only the value of a Bacon Clubhouse Burger - Meal. I can imagine their smiling face and Biting my hamburger.

If you want quick knowing which site scam or not.
Please add my Referral URL. You didn't pay anything and won't lose anything. But if they are real then we can get pay early. if they don't we won't waste time on it. Thank you!

In some case that i succeed withdraw. and receive the payout. but then they suddenly change rule. so if you too late to join it may not get pay. Such as MultiMine their free Miner from 2500 satoshi/day down to 1000 satoshi/day.